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  • Tuesday,  July 30, 2019
FIAF and Melissa Errico are thrilled to announce special musical guests for Le Grand finale of this “Summer of Legrand” film festival!  Filmharmonic Brass will play a short spectacular Legrand theme to match our final screening, Tuesday July 30. Don’t miss this!”
  • Thursday,  February 15, 2018
Filmharmonic Brass has appeared at the famed Horace Mann school in the Bronx, NY
  • January  2018
Filmharmonic Brass had a very well received performance at Silvana in Harlem
  • October  2017
Filmharmonic Brass presented excerpts from their new musical:  Movie Music Magic!
Filmharmonic Brass presented excerpts from their new musical:  Movie Music Magic!

  • February 2017:

Filmharmonic Brass Plays John Williams is now available in stores and online.  
After only a week, we are hearing from Roven Records that we may have a hit on our hands.  We are apparently 7th on the and sales charts.
The first review that has come to our attention is from the Journal de Montreal and can be accessed here:  (Google translate offers a decent translation)

On other News, we are trying to schedule another date at Silvana and have been writing and rehearsing a lot of new arrangements that will be part of our new show.
Stay tuned!

  • October 2016:

On Tuesday October 11, 2016, Filmharmonic Brass recorded the arrangement it commissioned from Bob Christianson of “Nissa La Bella”.  This is the “unofficial” hymn of the City of Nice, France.  A CD of this recording will be donated to the city of Nice and its people as a gesture of support in their effort to recover from the Bastille Day terror attack.
See the video on our VIDEOS page.

This arrangement was first performed in times square on July 21, 2016 as a tribute to the victims of the bastille day attack just a week prior!
More on that tribute below...

  • September 2016:

Filmharmonic Brass is in the process (early stages!) of writing and developing its own show.  We are very excited about it and will share any information about it as soon as we can.
We have to keep it under wraps, for obvious reasons.  We are targeting a Fall 2017 opening date!!!!!

  • May 2016:

Filmharmonic Brass has recorded its Debut Album of Music by John Williams.

We are Filmharmonic Brass, a group of seven of the top brass players from NYC who have made it our mission, as an ensemble, to record & perform film music, exclusively. There is no better choice for our debut recording than to focus our efforts on the music of John Williams – arguably, the most iconic film composer ever.  John Williams has given us the memorable melodies that are synonymous with such movies as Star Wars, Jaws, E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Indiana Jones, and many more.

There are several reasons for choosing to record an all John Williams album.  It is an homage to John Williams and a chance for us, as brass musicians, to contribute brand new arrangements (by Charlie Porter and Jihwan Kim) to the brass music world, and in doing so add immensely to the limited repertoire.  Having a recording is also a necessary promotional tool for us, in getting our name out there as a performing/touring ensemble.  Film music is what we are about and we are aiming to set the bar high with this recording!

Filmharmonic Brass and NYC musicians play a tribute to Nice NYC in Times Square
Music for peace

MINUTES AFTER THE Bastille Day attack on July 14, my son called me while I was standing just outside of Local 802 speaking with Tino Gagliardi. The information was very sketchy at that time. I was devastated not knowing if the many friends and the family I have in Nice, my hometown, were OK. It wasn’t until the following Wednesday that I found out that all people close to me were accounted for.
After speaking with some of my colleagues, I decided that it might be a good idea to put together a musical tribute to the victims of this horrible act, which killed 85 people and wounded more than 300, and which affected all of us.
My original thought was to gather as many brass players as possible to perform in Times Square – the crossroads of the world – at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 21, which marked a week, to the hour, after the attack . I had to figure out how to get the authorization to perform in Times Square with a large group. At Local 802, Tino and Chris Carroll helped me. I also got help from Lisa Boyle, Annik Klein, Damian Santucci and Gary Winkler at the Times Square Alliance, NYPD Detective Mike Dugan from the Midtown North precinct, and Hugo Moreno.
The goal of this event was to let the people of Nice and all of France know that we were thinking of them and sending support in their time of grief. Nice is a gorgeous city filled with wonderful people who all know and appreciate how blessed they are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
The piece “Nissa La Bella” is the hymn of the city of Nice. Bob Christianson wrote an arrangement for us. It’s a beautiful piece much like “America the Beautiful” and was perfectly suited as a quiet tribute to the victims.
“La Marseillaise” is the French national anthem. Charles Porter arranged this familiar, upbeat melody, which was intended to lift our spirits. We wanted to look forward in the face of tragedy and not let the “bad people” gain the upper hand on our freedom, our way of life and all the positive things humanity can accomplish.
The video was posted to YouTube and a French newspaper site and other places, and has been viewed more than 300,000 times. The comments from the people of Nice were especially appreciative. It does show that music can make a positive impact!
Our message of hope was also intended for everyone who has been affected by terrorism or tragedy all over the world. Hope beats fear, and love conquers all.
I’d like to thank all the 50 wonderful musicians who showed up to play and the many more who volunteered but who we had to turn away due to logistical constraints at Times Square. I’d also like to thank Maestro Anton Coppola, who conducted “La Marseillaise.”

Trumpeter Dominic Derasse has been a member of Local 802 since 1986.

Allegro freelance photographer Walter Karling took this long shot of the musicians and the crowd in Times Square. “The planning and performance came together almost magically,” Walter told us. “You can see that magic in the appreciative audience. I’m glad to have witnessed it and to now be sharing it with the Allegro readers.”
Filmharmonic Brass and NYC musicians play a tribute to Nice NYC in Times Square
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